Games That Change the World Workshop

If you are looking for new ways and ideas to engage the groups you work with, then you don’t want to miss this extraordinary workshop. Dr. Jim Cain, author of 14 adventure-based team building texts, innovator of more than three dozen team building activities and props, and coveted presenter will be sharing his world-wide knowledge of games at Group Dynamix on June the 1st.

This workshop will feature Jim’s favorite, newest, and best team and community building activities from around the world featured in his latest book. And, of course, as a team building guru, he will also share many time-tested team building activities, icebreakers, team challenges, and creative debriefing techniques. So if you are a Teacher, Trainer, Outdoor Educator, Recreation or Youth leader, you will not want to miss this workshop that will leave you with a new bag of tricks, games and skills that will change the way you work with your group!

Time: 11:00am-4:00pm.
Date: June 1st,
Location: At Group Dynamix’ brand new state-of-the-art facility; 1100 Venture Ct. #120, Carrollton TX 75006
Cost: $75
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