Holiday Word Circles

How It Works

The goal of Word Circle Puzzles is to take a set of single words and create a circle formation of words by matching each word with another to form common, and in some cases, not-so-common phrases, words, names and other arrangements (see photos). In many cases, these combinations are considered, by definition, idioms. For example, common phrases (or idioms) from two words might be “Board Game” or “Finger Food.” Common words from two single words might be ‘infuse’ or ‘weekend’. Additional examples of card-to-card arrangements include:

• Compound words (e.g., catwalk)
• Commonly known expressions (e.g., peace out)
• Words that commonly occur in sequence (e.g., set match – from tennis)
• Proper nouns or names (e.g., kingpin, wallace)
• Hyphenated words (e.g., top-secret)
• (other justifiable combinations?)

Rules of Play:

Use the words on the second page to play the holiday version. We recommend creating enough sets to accommodate at least 5-8 on a team.
1. Lay out the cards on the table for everyone to see.
2. Everyone is responsible for moving at least one card.
3. Arrange the words to connect to each other to make a complete circle.
4. The team to solve the puzzle the fastest wins.
5. If you like, you may give two hints to each team. This all depends on how much time you have. Giving the hints will speed up the process quickly.
Answer to the puzzle is below. Figure A.  Click here to view a pdf of these Word Circle Cards