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Clubs and Classes

Leadership Program

They say experience is the best teacher. At Group Dynamix, students try on the ups and downs, ins and outs of hands-on leadership, such as:
    • Developing leadership skills and putting them into practice
    • Improving decision making and problem solving
    • Collaborating with a group

Teambuilding Program

How do you get a diverse student group to work together as an effective team? Students at Group Dynamix have fun while:
    • Strengthening relationships
    • Learning to work as a team and identify group goals
    • Developing leadership skills
    • Improving decision making and problem solving
    • Making action plans for group change


Imagine 12 hours of exciting group activities guaranteed to keep your group of students active and having fun all night long. LEARN MORE
Three hours
Four hours
Five hours
Six hours
$30 per person *
$33 per person *
$36 per person *
$39 per person *
$42 per person *

* All programs are subject to a minimum cost which covers up to 15 people except for lock-ins. There is a minimum cost that covers up to 25 people for a lock-in.

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"When you hear kids say, ‘just a little longer,’ then you know the program is special."

Richardson First Baptist Church

"It's awesome to have a place to take our church youth group for some old-fashioned fun of team building games in a safe environment."

Canyon Creek Presbyterianc

"I would HIGHLY recommend Group Dynamix for your next D-Now weekend!!!"

Grace Community Church

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