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Student Sports and Spirit Teams

Help your team have fun getting to the next level! Whether it’s the beginning, middle or end of the season, Group Dynamix can provide a program to meet the needs of your student sports or spirit team.


We help new teams to:
    • Establish relationships.
    • Build trust and commitment within the team.
    • Identify team goals.
    • Increase team spirit and camaraderie.


We help experienced teams to:
    • Strengthen relationships.
    • Identify problem areas and overcome challenges.
    • Develop teamwork skills.
    • Improve decision making.


We help seasoned teams to:
    • Set the stage for next season.
    • Strengthen relationships.
    • Reward and celebrate team success.
Three hours
Four hours
Five hours
Six hours
$30 per person *
$33 per person *
$36 per person *
$39 per person *
$42 per person *

* All programs are subject to a minimum cost which covers up to 15 people except for lock-ins. There is a minimum cost that covers up to 25 people for a lock-in.

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"When you hear kids say, ‘just a little longer,’ then you know the program is special."

Richardson First Baptist Church

"It's awesome to have a place to take our church youth group for some old-fashioned fun of team building games in a safe environment."

Canyon Creek Presbyterianc

"I would HIGHLY recommend Group Dynamix for your next D-Now weekend!!!"

Grace Community Church

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