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Team Building Tips

Since 1997 Group Dynamix has been connecting people in fun ways . In working with hundreds of group leaders, teachers, youth pastors, coaches, scout masters and various trainers, many have asked us about where we get our activities, particularly those they could do at their location. So to be helpful we, have created a free resource called Team Building Tips, a.k.a. Teaming Tips. Team Building Tips contains descriptions of group games, activities, ice breakers and team building exercises that group leaders can use with their group. We also offer free workshops where you can learn the latest and greatest games and activities that will excite and unite your group. If you are interested in coming to one of our workshops, check out our Games We Play page.

Icebreaker: Reverse Cup Stack

Here's a great icebreaker challenge for your team. All you need are some plastic cups, a bit of patience, and lots of communication! First, grab 36 plastic cups. Each member of your team can write down a few goals or things to focus on on each cup. Gather all of the cups and build them into a pyramid. Have one person lift the pyramid (or try to) by only using the bottom layer. They may fall (....

3 Team Games for Building Trust with Teens

Are you a youth leader? Have you spent hours planning the perfect social event for your teens? Have you put in days’ worth of work developing lessons that deliver the perfect breakthrough message? Have you ever planned events or meetings in hopes of building trust between teenagers in your charge? Do you listen to top 40 stations just to find ways to connect with the kids? Have you done all this....

Strategic Planning: 5 Focuses for the New Year

Let’s make a New Year’s Resolution. Let’s make 2017 better than 2016. It’s important to have a plan of attack, but with strategic planning, it's just as important to understand the past. So before looking for improvements, start by reviewing the previous year. After examining the previous year, make sure to coordinate with employees. Once the employees are on board, begin looking forward. ....
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