5 Unique Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

Thanksgiving has passed, but the holidays are not over yet!

It’s that time of year again, and that means that it’s time to plan your corporate holiday party! Get excited. These parties can be great – and the perfect opportunity to build some holiday spirit and office morale. Now, there are a couple of different ways that this can go. One, your company can throw the same party that it throws every year, or two, your company can branch out and try something different this year.

Are you ready to find something new here in Dallas? Then here are some corporate holiday party ideas for your company!

5. Team Lunches

corporate holiday party potluck Everyone needs to eat, right? Why not make it easier and throw a team lunch? Depending on the size of the business, a team lunch can be a small affair or a massive undertaking, but the sense of community can make the event worth the investment. Just make sure to value the employees’ time – don’t schedule long meetings or speeches. Leave this time free for open conversation.

There are two ways to approach team meals.

  • Potluck Lunches

The best way to encourage buy-in is to ask everyone to participate. Appoint a potluck leader to decide on a menu and to wrangle officemates into participating. Potluck lunches are also the most economically viable way to offer lunch to the entire office.

  • Catered Lunches

Catered lunches take less coercion which is a definite positive. Catered lunches also allow companies to take advantage of common areas and meeting spaces in the building. It requires no effort from employees, and participants appreciate the gesture of a nice meal.


4. Early Happy Hours

corporate holiday happy hourIf lunch time isn’t right for your office, take the office out to a happy hour. Give employees an early heads-up, cut back on the day’s work load, and arrive at the bar or restaurant around 4 o’clock (or whenever Happy Hour starts). Or, if the office deserves more of a break, start the recreation around 1 or 2 o’clock.

This is a great way to put in nearly a full day of work and still boost morale with a corporate holiday party. Put the first round (or two) on the company card, and then let participants determine their own courses after that.


3. White Elephant

White Elephant parties can be a little trickier to handle than meal-based outings, but they can also be much more entertaining.

Here’s how the game works.

  • Every participant brings a small gift ($20 or less) for the pot.
  • Everyone gets a number.
  • The person with #1 goes first. #2 goes second, and so forth and so one.
  • On his or her turn, the participant can either open a gift from the pot or steal a gift from someone else.
  • If someone has a gift stolen, then that person can either pick from the pot or steal a different gift. After a gift has been stolen two times, it’s officially dead and cannot be stolen again.
  • The game is over when all gifts have been opened.

Make sure the EVERY participant brings a gift. It’s important for the numbers. For those who need help, here are some gift ideas.

Enjoy the ruckus!


2. Get Out of the Office

team bondingFull disclosure – we are a venue for office parties and team building outings. But regardless of our status, employees just need to get away from the office from time to time.

Social outings give officemates a chance to interact outside of work. This type of communication builds stronger teams, and stronger teams offer better performance.

We believe that the most effective days out of the office are spent building relationships between coworkers, and the best way to do that is with team games (granted, we’re a little biased). We’ve talked before about the methods and importance of building communication, and we would be remiss if we didn’t remind you of the benefits of Playing with Purpose. Plus, we have games specifically designed for the holidays.  

But, if interaction and games don’t fit with the company interests, Dallas offers a vast array of venues for these days out. There are options from mini golf to go-karts and any number of things in between. Find an event that fits your company, serves a purpose, and go have fun!


1.  Anything on Company Timebullring team building dallas

This category may need the least explanation of them all.

Ultimately, employees will be more likely to attend events that happen on the company’s time, not their own, and they will be appreciative of the break. Work hours can be draining on employees, and they appreciate the break from the daily grind. So regardless of the type of party, consider throwing it during work hours. And invite families or significant others! Many employees have families, and this could be a great opportunity to build some trust and connections within the office.



The key takeaway is this: take time to enjoy the holidays this year! Use the natural excuse associated with the holidays to take a break from work and spend quality time together with employees and coworkers. This time is great for building communication and team bonds; helping employees build friendships is well worth the investment. Enjoy your corporate holiday party!