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Along with offering experiences that cannot be duplicated anywhere else, Group Dynamix offers a unique facility for small and large events and meetings. Our new building is “teaming” with exciting activities and features to make your team building even more dynamic. At nearly twice the size of our previous facility at 37,752 sq. ft., we can accommodate 600 people. So there is more room and equipment for your groups to connect, build camaraderie, and develop into more effective teams, all led by our topnotch facilitators. It is the perfect setting for public, corporate and non-profit organizations to host events such as workshops, seminars, meetings, receptions, parties, dinners, and other activities and programs.

Our patrons have the opportunity of renting one of our three event spaces or the entire facility. They also have the option to include a team building session as part of their event. Table, chairs, and AV equipment are also available if needed. For more about the features of our new facility Click Here.


"Sometimes team success is all about who you know and trust!"

Caleb Collins

Ken Fleming

Katie Duncan

Wes Hynes

Stephen Mackintosh

Barry Thompson

Julie Trigueros

Robert Warner

Eric Keck



Group Dynamix evolved from the construction of a small indoor ropes course at the Dallas Fun & Fitness Center in 1995. It was called the "Adventure Course" and it quickly became one of the most popular activities for teenage youth groups in the area. The course was unique in several respects. Although built indoors, it modeled a traditional outdoor challenge course. But far from traditional, the vast majority of the programs conducted on it were recreation in nature, a departure from the highly-focused team building and therapeutic programs commonly associated with outdoor challenge courses.

The owners of the Dallas Fun & Fitness Center, brothers Ken and Steve Fleming, joined with Stephen Mackintosh in September of 1997 and formed the business that is now Group Dynamix. At that time, they decided to expand their business to include recreation events and team building programs for corporations and organizations. Since then, Group Dynamix has assembled what many consider to be the best "people, programs and place" in the industry. In the summer of 1998, Group Dynamix moved into its 13,600 sq. ft. facility in Carrollton expanding to 17,600 sq. ft. in 2008 making it the largest team development center of its kind in the nation. On May 5th, 2016 we moved into a brand new building “teaming” with exciting activities. At nearly twice the size of our previous facility at 37,752 sq. ft., we can accommodate 600 people.


Excellent! Great fun! Our new leadership team was able to bond quickly and meaningfully, far beyond what's possible in the day-to-day office environment.


Thank you and your team for all of your hard work and efforts in helping to make our program so successful. You were delightful to work with and your support and professionalism throughout the planning and execution of the program was tremendous. Your ability to listen to the client’s needs and translate those needs into excellent teambuilding activities was extraordinary. You hit the mark! In addition the participants were able to gain new insight into creating “win-win” solutions for themselves, their associates, their customers and their company. Our job is made so much easier when we are able to rely on the services of true professionals and I very much appreciate your contribution to this spectacular event.

Ultimate Ventures

GDX was the perfect environment to build our competitive spirit, push ourselves to new limits, and undertake endeavors we did not know how to accomplish. We left the event as a stronger, more cohesive team. Many thanks to the crew for driving us to reach new goals!

E & J Gallo Winery

We were very pleased and impressed with the facilitation skills shown by your staff. Professionalism, composure and savvy were demonstrated throughout the entire program. Thank you for helping us in driving our groups to realize and understand the importance of working together, communicate, listen, and understand each other.

FMC Corporation

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