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Volunteering for Team Building: Everybody Wins

Volunteering is a great group activity for coworkers.
Team building is a perishable skill. All of the benefits your employees gained from a day of team building need to be maintained throughout the rest of the year, or they will be lost. Don’t let all of that hard won team building get bogged down by the day to day of office life. There are many ways to encourage team building in the office on a regular basis, but there is no substitute for activit....
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Creating More Effective Corporate Communication

A team that talks to each other and communicates effectively is like a well-oiled machine, but when your team isn’t communicating, productivity can grind to a painful halt. Communication isn’t just about getting a point across; effective communication is about empathy, trust, and team. Got a team that needs a bit of communication team-building? Or maybe just a refresher course? We’ve got you....
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Icebreaker: Reverse Cup Stack

Here's a great icebreaker challenge for your team. All you need are some plastic cups, a bit of patience, and lots of communication! First, grab 36 plastic cups. Each member of your team can write down a few goals or things to focus on on each cup. Gather all of the cups and build them into a pyramid. Have one person lift the pyramid (or try to) by only using the bottom layer. They may fall (....
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