We were very pleased and impressed with the facilitation skills shown by your staff. Professionalism, composure and savvy were demonstrated throughout the entire program. Thank you for helping us in driving our groups to realize and understand the importance of working together, communicate, listen, and understand each other.

FMC Corporation

Group Dynamix provided an outstanding program for our staff! After a full year of hard work, we were able to playfully work together in a casual environment. They created a welcoming, structured day of team building activities that were effectively balanced with mental and physical challenges. It was a great day for our group!

Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Group Dynamix is a great place for all types of teams, companies, departments, etc. to go. You learn fascinating things about one another and how different individuals think, problem solve and respond to different challenges. You learn how to self-motivate as well as how others are motivated. Most importantly, you learn many different and detailed aspects of the functionality of a team and what it truly takes to be a part of a CONSISTANTLY successful team.

Mary Crowley

As a manager of a 50-employee organization, I constantly look for ways to improve the teamwork in our demanding environment. Group Dynamix has the combination of the “best of breed” facilitators and a great facility. After attending the training twice, I can admit that the group gained a lot of teamwork ethics and, at the same time, everybody had a lot of fun.

Retalix USA.

Our teambuilding event was so much fun!!! We are ready to go back and do some of the other challenges with our entire HR team.


The program that was created for us was brought us together as a team and allowed us to grow in our interpersonal relationships. The program was fun and everyone participated! It was a great experience and one we will be talking about for a long time to come! Thanks, Group Dynamix!


Absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!!


Group Dynamix led and developed our highly-interactive team with interesting and challenging programs, causing us to truly work as a team to reach a favorable outcome. We were able to work toward a mutual goal with individuals we rarely work with on a daily basis, breaking down the barriers of natural separation that happens in an organization.

Medical City

We hired Group Dynamix to come out and do a team building session for a foster placement agency. They were very easy to work with, made it simple to figure out the best program to meet our needs, and were very congenial. We definitely look forward to working with them again and would recommend them to anyone in need of any kind of team building or motivational event.

Gaela Renee, Bailey’s Berry Patch

Everyone had a blast from the CFO down to the support staff! We survived "Survivor Island," but it took the whole department working together to get it accomplished. In my 30+ years of experience, this has been the most fun and interesting team building event I have ever attended. The day was just amazing!

Yum Restaurants International

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