Short Description:

Air Pong is Air Hockey with no fancy table, puck or paddle, just a ping pong and breathable air. Your group is going to need to stretch out their lungs because the only way to score and defend is to use your own reserves of hot air.

Equipment Needed:

Table, tape, ping-pong ball and a whole lot of breaths. You also might want to have a few cases of Altoids around to hand out before the games begin.

Perfect for:

Small group meeting, fun tournaments, games nights, etc.

Instructions for Playing Air Pong:

  • Form two teams at opposite ends of a table with hands held behinds their backs.
  • Place masking tape across the middle of the table, two small pieces of tape 3” from the main piece of tape on each side and two small pieces on each long side of the table, and a foot from each end of the table.
  • Play rock, paper, scissors to decide which team serves first.
  • Teams use their breath NOT their hands to keep the ball in play.
  • Teams must stay behind the smaller pieces of tape at all times.
  • If the ball falls off between the pieces of tape 3” from the main tape, no points are scored and the ball is placed in the middle of the table.
  • The goal is to try to blow the ball off of the other team’s side of the table.
  • Play until one team reaches 10.