The place– The brand new Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas. The people – 160 Advancial employees.  The Event – A Group Dynamix Amazing Journey.

As guests check into the Omni Hotel on January 15th, their curiosity is  peeked by waves of laughter and cheers heard sporadically throughout corridors of this lavish hotel. Their curiosity turns to amusement as they see gaggles of green-shirted Advancial employees hurrying  to various destinations  throughout the hotel seeking clues or performing tasks before moving onto their next destination.

Advancial, who was voted one of “Best Companies To Work For” by the Dallas Morning News, Dallas Business Journal and Texas Monthly, prides itself on creating a great work environment. According to Brent Sheffield( Advancial President & CEO), they try not to take their work too seriously and have  fun, and “having fun starts from  the top down. ” As an example of their fun culture,  during a circus event, Brent dressed as a circus ring leader and handed out animal crackers to employees around their office according to Heather Stalling, Business Relations Officer at Advancial. “The Leadership Team is always doing something fun to promote company activities and never ceases to wow us!”

So when they wanted to “wow” their employees again, they turned to Group Dynamix.  Their stated goal was to bring individuals  together whose primary interaction is over the phone. They didn’t know each other or have any shared experiences. They really wanted to build bonds that make their ties stronger so that at the end of the day shared an experience that lasts a lifetime.

At the end of the event,  some of the Advancial employees were asked to share their thoughts of their Amazing Race.  Here are some of their comments.   “This was an amazing event.” ” We want to do it next year.” “If I was going to build an event I would not change a thing.” So was GDX successful? In the words of Brent “When  someone has nothing they can criticize you  on than that is pretty special!”

During the post event interview, Brent stated, ” When we did this event, we looked at a number of companies to outsource to. GDX stood out head and shoulders above all the groups we talked to. They really matched our kind of corporate culture.”