Purpose: Energizer, effective and creative communication.

Group size
: 30 – 120

1 Whistle; 6 cones/markers to mark Launch Zone; 3 hula hopes, 3 f Frisbees, 3 Balls and rubber chicken or other object as bonus item.

How to play:

1. Each team chooses 1 person to be their Goalie. Goalies stand inside their team’s goal. The Goalies’ job is to stay inside the goal and catch their team’s items when thrown to them.
2. Choose 1 person (usually the facilitator) to be the Launcher. The Launcher’s job during the game is to continuously launch objects in random directions. The Launcher stays inside the Launch Zone.
3. Instruct all players to spread out in the field.
4. Game play begins when the Launcher tosses all objects.
5. “Ultimate Frisbee Rules” are in effect. In other words, if you are holding objects, you must remain in place.


Your team scores a point when your Goalie catches one of your team’s objects while standing in your team’s goal. Your team can only score points with your team’s objects. In other words, the Red Team can only score with Red objects.

After a point is scored, the object cannot be scored with again until it is re-launched by the Launcher. The Goalie hands the object to any teammate who then runs it back to the Launch Zone. There is no need to try to stop the runner from returning it to the Launch Zone, as it is dead and the point has already been scored. Stopping a runner from returning an object to the Launch Zone is considered unsportsmanlike conduct.

The Launcher is the only person allowed inside of the Launch Zone. Objects will be flying out of the Launch Zone at a frantic pace in every direction. All players must stay out of the Launch Zone in order to avoid getting clocked in the head with a randomly launched object.

One long whistle blast signals the end of game play. All players should gather at the Launch Zone. All players should gather at the Launch Zone.