Our “Bikes for Kids” program is a fun charity event that combines team building with the opportunity to build bikes for disadvantaged children. Teams are formed to compete in a wide range of fun and interactive challenges to collect parts and build the bikes. The successful completion of each challenge earns teams the points needed to win.

The finished bikes are typically presented to children at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas and Community Partners of Dallas. However, arrangements can be made to send bikes to the charity/organization of a team’s choosing.

Why should you choose a “Bikes for Kids” Charity Event?

  • Entertaining icebreakers that provide high-energy fun
  • Interactive challenges that help boost morale and team spirit
  • Opportunity to bond as a group and make a positive impact on children’s lives
  • Builds goodwill.
  • Provides high-energy fun.
  • Boosts morale and team spirit.
  • Makes a positive impact on children’s lives.
  • Develops positive relationships.