How it’s played?

This activity is great for groups of any size and could be an extremely fun way to set up tents on a camping trip. Groups larger than 10 will need to be divided into multiple teams and each would need a tent. Increase the fun by making the activity a competition between teams. The goal of the activity is to successfully raise a tent, with certain handicaps, that most of the team members are not familiar with.

Before the activity begins instruct each member of each team to choose from the following two handicap options: (1) blindfold (2) handcuffs. Teams will be given a tent which they must assemble. Members of the team that are blindfolded are the only members of the team that can construct the tent. Handcuffed members of the teams must provide guidance and communication only. They cannot touch the tent or the participants. They must guide their blindfolded team members to assemble their tent.

In order for a team to win, they must successfully fit their whole team inside the tent.
Source: Jonathan Herb, Three Ordinary Guys