Circle Dodgeball

Select three equal teams. Have all the players form a circle “finger tip to finger tip” distance apart. Select one team to go into the center of the circle while others adjust and close in the circle. In this game, we usually use three beach balls, but you can make adjustments as you see fit. The object is to get the team in the center out as quickly as possible. This is a timed event. The balls are thrown, not kicked, by the teams on the outside of the circle. If a player in the middle is hit they must exit the circle. If a ball is caught, the player is not out but they must put the ball back into play. How long will it take to get all the players out of the middle of the center? Record the time for each group as they go into the center. Give each team three times in the middle and then total their time. The team with the most time in the center is the winner!