Supplies needed:

Each team has 9 foam squares or blocks, each with a number on it. The numbers are 1 through 9.

Purpose and group size:

To solve the mathematical problem as a group (4-15 people per team).

How it’s played:

1. Set up: Place the nine foam pieces in a grid similar to that shown below. The numbers do not have to be in this sequence to start.

2. Objective: Arrange the numbers so that the sum of the numbers are the same for all 3 rows, 3 columns and 2 diagonals.

3. Encourage collaboration: To encourage collaboration start the game by dividing everyone into two teams (A & B). Divide team A & B into several smaller groups. The goal of the game is to be the first team to complete the challenge. In the middle of the room designate a 4 ft x 4 ft communication zone (CZ). The CZ is the only place where team members can help other groups on their team. Only two people are allowed in the CZ at a time.