The ability to communicate is the number one indicator for success in any company or organization. It is the key to employee productivity, efficiency and morale. But as the popular saying goes, “Communication works for those who work at it.”

Group Dynamix’s highly-trained Teamologists will custom design a Communication Lab program that will help your company identify challenges to effective communication through a process of discovery. Any of our corporate team building activities can be adapted to include communication games that open channels, foster mutual understanding, and promote shared vision. Teams are debriefed throughout the program to help you develop new strategies with a view to better communication at work.

What’s involved in our Communication Lab Team Building Event?

  • Fun interactive icebreakers.
  • Team-based challenges.
  • Processing sessions.
  • Half-day and full-day programs available.
  • Become more energized and connected.
  • Build unity around common goals.
  • Gain better understanding and appreciation for different communication styles.
  • Enhance open dialogue and collaboration.
  • Improve teamwork.