Group Dynamix’s Connection Lab is a great way for new or merging teams to get to know each other better so that they can become more unified, cohesive, collaborative, and productive. Group Dynamix is a leader in providing team building activities for companies and organizations that take people from name-tag acquaintance to effective team membership built on mutual trust and shared vision.

Employing experiential challenges, Group Dynamix takes groups on a fun and interactive journey where they experience and overcome barriers to communication. Teams make further discoveries as our highly-trained Teamologists guide them in discussions as to how this applies to their everyday communication.

What’s involved with a Connection Lab Team Building Event?

  • Fun interactive icebreakers.
  • Team-based challenges.
  • Processing sessions.
  • Half-day and full-day programs available.
  • Laugh and enjoy one another.
  • Feel more energized and excited about working together.
  • Build more open and collaborative relationships.
  • Improve team spirit.
  • Become a more unified team.