Day at The Perot Museum: An Amazing Dallas Team Building Event

 A grade school field trip to the museum stands out as a fun break of routine, and learning happens effortlessly.

Today a visit to a museum like The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is much the same, but you can learn even more than what the exhibits teach–especially if you’re searching for your next Dallas team building event. A scavenger hunt, like our Amazing Journey company outing, creates valuable outcomes for your group while allowing them to explore a Dallas landmark all in just a few hours.

The four reasons below explain why this type of program is so effective for teams large and small.

1. Structured But Not Restricted

For example, during an Amazing Journey event at the Perot Museum, groups are divided into teams of six to ten people either by random assignment or self selection. While most people understand the concept of a scavenger hunt in a museum, clear instruction is then given on some finer points to help the entire event run smoothly.

This game is played by receiving clues for a particular exhibit where each team must find answers to questions or perform an activity. For each item, teams must take photos or videos on a smartphone as proof that the team completed the task and show them to an organizer, who will record their points and give them their next clues. This continues until teams finish the scavenger hunt or time is up.

After every team meets back up at the agreed ending time, the scores are calculated while ice breaker games are played and a winner is announced. But no matter which team has the most points, every player walks away with valuable experiences built throughout the entire event.

2. Multiple Opportunities for Team Building

Value is created during every part of the event including:

  • The beginning instruction, when interactive questions are asked to loosen up the group and explain how to complete the scavenger hunt.
  • The activities themselves, when participants get to expand their comfort zones by choice and practice working with others as an effective team.
  • The ending score tally, when ice breaker games maintain engagement throughout the entire session and solidify the bonding that happened during the activities.

Because the Perot Museum is an indoor venue, your team can reap these benefits as well as the specific outcomes listed below during any time of the year.

3. Real Outcomes Are Created

Team building events like Amazing Journey create real outcomes by allowing individuals to practice and improve skills such as:

These sharpened abilities allow your team to relate better and ultimately work together more effectively–and having an enjoyable afternoon is all part of the process.

4. Participants Have Fun

One of the aspects of this event that people say they love the most is the ability to get to know people outside of work and make memories with them. The photos and videos serve as a reminder of the connections they made and the fun they had, and those positive feelings boost team bonding during and long after the event.

No matter what type of group you have, an event like this can help your team build on valuable skills that will help them perform better and bond more all while having a memorable day at the museum.

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You can also get a glimpse of this event in the video below!

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