The North Texas Food Bank and Community Partners of Dallas need donations of food to provide meals for the hungry in our communities. Group Dynamix, through its Food Share charity event, has found an exciting way to lend support and promote teamwork while helping fill area food pantries.

Teams are formed to compete in food scavenger hunts. A wide range of fun and interactive challenges must be successfully completed by each team to collect the various kinds of canned and boxed foods needed to earn the critical points required to win. Although every team may not win the scavenger hunt, your whole group will walk away feeling like champions because they joined the campaign to end hunger in America in a fun way.


What’s involved with a Food Share Charity Event?

  • Fun interactive challenges.
  • Food to be donated to the North Texas Food Bank and Community Partners of Dallas .
  • Food items are provided by Group Dynamix.
  • Builds goodwill.
  • Provides high-energy fun.
  • Boosts morale and team spirit.
  • Makes a positive impact on your community.
  • Develops positive relationships.