Four Critical Ingredients For Holiday Office Parties

What will you do to add value to your events this year? With the holiday season just around the corner special event planners’ stress levels begin to elevate as they begin to plan their yearly holiday office parties. Have you put together an event that you thought had all the components necessary to be successful only to find out it fell short in the eyes of the attendees? Why do so many events rarely hit the mark, and what are the key ingredients that might be missing from your events?

Whether you are an internal or external event planner, you need to provide exciting, engaging and successful events for your “groups.” When you do this, they will be satisfied, have fun and want to do it again. Having put together our fair share of successful company outings, here are four key ingredients that we at Group Dynamix feel are critical in order to conduct an appealing event:

Ingredient #1- Participation.

Although bowling/bar events can be fun, they fail to engage the whole team. Events that encourage and provide a context for 100% participation are more successful.

Ingredient #2- Facilitation.

Events that are facilitated and orchestrated to bring about a positive outcomes are going to have a longer lasting positive impact on your companies team.

Ingredient #3- Connectedness.

Every individual wants to be part of something greater than themselves and do not want to feel like they are on an island. Relationships are critical to individuals. Interactive events provide a powerful context for individuals to connect through strategically planned activities.

Ingredient #4- Fun.

At the end of the day if the group does not have fun, they will be far more skeptical of any future outings. This is the main ingredient to every successful event.

Challenge and outcomes:

Understanding interactive events can help you provide powerful and successful events for your groups. By allowing them to succeed, you will succeed. You will provide an exciting venue that compels them to come back for more.