Four on a couch is a fun party game that “pits guys against girls to see who will be the first team to totally replace the opposite gender on the couch.” This game works for large groups where some of the group watches while a few play in front entertaining the group, or as a small group of 8-12 where everyone plays.

How you play

Create a circle consisting of chairs and one couch, enough seats for everyone playing plus one extra seat. Two girls and two guys start off by sitting on the couch, while everyone else sits in the chairs. Give every person playing a paper to write their name on, and then have them turn their names back into you.

Mix the names up and redistribute them back to the group making sure no one gets their own name. They are not to tell which name they have. The purpose of the game is for the guys to get all 4 guys on the couch and the girls to get all 4 girls on the couch. The person to the left of the empty seat calls out a name of someone in the circle. Whoever is holding that name, not the person themself (i.e John calls Amy’s name, and Jeff is holding Amy’s name), gets up and sits on the empty chair. The person who called the name and the person who sat on the chair then exchange papers with names on it (that way the same name does not stay with the same person, it makes it more challenging). The person to the left of the new empty seat calls a new name. (the same name cannot be repeated twice in a row).

Again, the purpose is for the guys to get the 2 girls off the couch and vice versa. This is a really fun game that can last a long time.