Purpose: Ice breaker, Meet new people and get your group laughing

Group size: Any Number 10 or more

Supplies: None

1. Everyone get a partner.
2. Make 2 circles, an inner and an outer, one partner in the inside circle and one on the outer circle. You just need two even circles but partners gets this done faster.
3. Both circles will walk in opposite directions giving constant high fives to the other circle. This makes a “gear shifting” sound with the whole group walking and giving high fives.
4. When the whistle blows or music stops, they will introduce themselves to the person across from them at that time (hopefully not their partner as we want to get to know new people).
5. A funny question is read to the group that they can discuss briefly with the person they just met like, “who is more awesome — Superman or Spiderman?”
6. After a brief minute, start the high five circle again only faster for 2nd gear! Stop and read another question — “do you fold or wad your toilet paper for use?”
7.Keep going through the gears. 5th gear should cause them to run if they can manage it.


It’s always fun to let the group write the questions ahead of time. We used index cards and just said to write a funny or creative question and put them in a hat for drawing. One that was not read — “When performing the art of ‘mooning’ from a moving vehicle, do you prefer to press or hang?” Awesome!