(1) foam noodle cut in half (you’ll use both halves).
(1) 5 gallon pickle bucket or trash can.Enough spot markers for each participant.


Fun icebreaker, get to know you game.


Have everyone stand in a circle but have them face towards the outside of the circle. Choose two youth to stand inside the circle and be “it.” Give each “it” a noodle. The object of the game is for the “it” in the middle to swat someone, put the noodle back in the bucket, and then get back to where the person they swatted was standing. If the swatted person is able to hit the them back before they reach the spot, they are still “it,” if not, then the swatted person become the new “it.”

If at any time the “it” misses the bucket while putting the noodle back, they are automatically still “it.”

This game should be really fast-paced. Make sure not to allow hits to the head or face.

Another Way to Play:

All the previous rules apply except we will add more “its” so: (1) The “it” no longer has to get back to where the person was when they were swatted. Now that multiple people can be in the middle, multiple spots should be available to run back to. They now simply need to find ANY vacant spot after they swat someone and place the noodle in the bucket. (2) The swatted people are no longer limited to one person to hit back but can swat anyone in the middle without a noodle before they reach a safe spot.

Add an Addition Level:

To encourage the group to get to know each other, they must state the name of the person they are swatting. To add a level of difficulty, add the rule that they must state the name of the person that swatted them before hitting their target person.