Your group will be taken on a tour of the GDX Nuclear Energy Plant.  At some point on your tour, a severe malfunction occurs in the coolant systems and a core meltdown is imminent.

The plant is placed in lockdown preventing anyone from fleeing, but there is hope in saving your group.  It will require teamwork among all your members.  The only means for averting catastrophe is through obtaining clues and codes through a series of team challenges and games in a sequential order.  As you solve one challenge, it will help you solve the next until you arrive at the final solution that will keep your group alive.

Unlike other “escape game” events you may have experienced, Group Dynamix has designed a program that truly is team building.  The clues, codes and solutions are obtained through team challenges and not from solving puzzles by a few individuals who happen to be good “gamers.” If you escape, it will be because of a memorable team effort.



  • Fun interactive icebreakers.
  • Entertaining challenges.
  • The experience of an Escape Room, without being separated into small groups.
  • Exciting countdown to catastrophe (or not).


  • Provides high-energy fun.
  • Promotes collaboration and communication.
  • Increases problem-solving skills.
  • Strengthens teamwork.
  • Improves group unity.