How to Build High Performing Teams

High performing teams of employees are the backbone of any successful company. The tricky part is learning how to turn your employees into one of those highly sought after teams. As long as you keep these following points in mind, building a high performing team won’t be a problem.

Clearly Defined Values

Before you can build the ultimate team, it’s imperative that the members of your team understand and align with the goals and mission of your company. In order for a team to have the motivation to perform well, it is best that everyone is on the same page. Having a team that feels strongly about the values and goals the company stands behind will create the basis for a high performing team.

Set Project Goals

Every project has an overall end goal. In order for a team to feel like they are capable of successfully finishing a project within a timely manner, smaller goals that lead up to completion of the end goal need to be set. Don’t just be a delegator, allow the team to be a part of the goal setting process as well. Doing this will ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to any project they encounter.

Map Out a Plan

Just setting goals isn’t enough, though. After creating a checklist for the project, it is important to make sure that you also work together to map out the different steps that will lead to the list’s completion. Much like setting goals, this step will provide further clarification of the process and expectations for the group.  

Create an Environment That Promotes Learning

High performing teams are ones that never allow themselves to stay in a stagnant workplace. Encourage your team to play different roles in projects or assist with aspects they don’t know much about. Having a work environment that promotes continued learning and growth is one where the best teams flourish.


Communication is key in many aspects of life and team building is no exception. It is especially crucial in the process of building an ironclad team that there is clear and open communication at all times. Giving team members the ability to ask questions or express concerns is a powerful tool in building a high performing team.

Provide Useful Feedback

Evaluating performance and providing feedback is a necessary step in the team building process. This step is a good way to address any problems that may arise in a way that promotes employee growth and retention. Giving your team the opportunity to learn and grow throughout their career is one way to build a dream team.

Retain Employees

High turnover rates are not a sign of a high performing team. Make sure that you are providing your team with the motivation to want to continue to excel in their position with the company. You can also reward your team for high performing months or other big achievements or acquisitions so that they feel valued and want to stay with the company for years to come.


The most important part of building a team that outperforms time and time again is to be an active listener. If you appear to be approachable and trustworthy to your team then they should feel like they can openly communicate with you. When they do communicate, listening is more important that talking because you many get to see a perspective you had not considered before.

If building a high performing team is your goal, focusing on team development and the team’s overall group dynamics is the first stepping stone in the process. If you’re not sure how to begin to bring your team closer together, start with some icebreaker activities and team building exercises at a group outing with Group Dynamix today!

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