How to Connect People to Your Team Vision

The New Year has just begun, which means it’s time to think about what we want to improve in 2016. While the usual New Year’s resolutions of getting healthier and spending less are worthy goals, connecting your employees to your team vision is another positive change that could help you and everyone on your team.   

When employees are disconnected from the vision statement, the team, organization, and anyone who benefits from your company’s work misses out. A well-crafted team vision motivates and inspires everyone to do their best work, develop their team spirit, and push through the tough times. You can bring the “why” of your company to life through the steps below and help every employee in your company reap the benefits of understanding the big picture in 2016.

Consider Your Team   

The first rule of communicating is knowing your audience. You know your team members, but do you know what they really care about regarding their work? What they want to achieve this year and why? What they depend on to do their individual jobs?

Try to think back to other times when your team had to overcome a challenge at work or during team building activities, or when you had one-on-one discussions about their work, career, and goals. If you can factor in the actions they took as a group and as individuals to solve problems in the past, current day-to-day attitudes, and future aspirations, you’ll find valuable insight into what makes them tick that will help the team vision resonate.

Make it Relevant         

When you’re proving that the team vision is relevant to people you manage, you need to do three things:

  • Explain the vision and why it matters generally.
  • Explain how their work contributes to the realization of that vision.
  • Explain how moving closer to that vision through their work is important and even beneficial to them as individuals.

The main question to ask yourself here is, “what’s in it for me?” That’s what your team members will wonder when you’re trying to bring the vision to life. If you’ve thoroughly explored the needs and motivations of your team in the previous step, you’ll have an easier time answering the questions above.

Include Inspiration   

The difference between a vision and a mission statement is that a vision statement is an ideal and a mission statement is how the company plans to work toward that ideal. Below are our statements to serve as examples and demonstrate the difference:

  • Mission Statement: Be a national industry leader of group outing and team building event services through facilitating extraordinary fun group experiences for youth and adults that evolve teams that have increased effectiveness, stronger relationships and greater performance.
  • Vision Statement: Create meaningful relationships and extraordinary teamwork in groups.

Because a vision describes a state of perfection, it should be inspiring. It should make people feel like their reason for showing up everyday extends far beyond a paycheck. It should show them that they’re a part of something larger than themselves that can make a true difference, no matter what kind of business you’re in.

So emphasize how your company serves others and improves their lives. If possible, show them hard data on how the company helped others, whether it was reducing business expenses for clients, enabling people to better use technology, or raising money for a worthy cause outside of your business objectives. Just because you don’t work for a non-profit doesn’t mean that your company’s work doesn’t matter, and your employees need to understand that.

Emphasize It Every Day   

Finally, look for ways to remind everyone of how every project or task, no matter how small, contributes to the vision. Refer to it in meetings, on marketing materials, and in casual conversation about work so that the ideal your company and department is trying to work toward becomes the context of everything your team achieves together.

Making a vision matter to your team simply requires a change of focus for the reason behind their work and a shift in perspective from short-term achievement to a long-term ideal. Investing in your team this way is sure to help them stay engaged, interested, and effective in their roles throughout this year and beyond.

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