Icebreaker: Reverse Cup Stack

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Here’s a great icebreaker challenge for your team. All you need are some plastic cups, a bit of patience, and lots of communication!

  1. First, grab 36 plastic cups.
  2. Each member of your team can write down a few goals or things to focus on on each cup.
  3. Gather all of the cups and build them into a pyramid.
  4. Have one person lift the pyramid (or try to) by only using the bottom layer. They may fall (they probably will), but don’t give up!
  5. Your team can help support one another by using their index fingers (and only their index fingers!) to help support the pyramid while lifting. The more you communicate about what needs to be done, the more memorable your success will be!

With focus, support, communication, and patience, your team will have no problem achieving this year’s goals together!