Keep the Team Spirit Alive After Your Team Building Event

After your team has come together for a team building activity, the memory of the fun they enjoyed and the lessons they learned starts fading as soon as daily life kicks back in. It’s easy for all the progress your team made to disappear as soon as the members step back into the office, but you can help them hold on to the experience. Taking a few practical steps can help make sure the team spirit stays alive in the days and weeks to come, long after your team building event has been said and done.

Keep Up the Communication

Don’t waste all that time spent on identifying and working with communication challenges just to forget about it the following Monday in the office. Instead, lead by example and apply what was discussed about communications within the organization.

This can take many forms depending on your teams own particular challenges. One way to combat a lack of action after the fact is to create a list of what was learned and ask for actionable items to follow up on in day-to-day office life. Create a concrete plan of action to ensure that these more abstract ideas can be applied to real life situations.

Take the Time To Document It

Be sure to take a few pictures of the team having fun while at the event. Try to vary up posed pictures and candid poses and make sure everyone is in at least one shot. When the team has finished the event and everyone’s about to pack up and go home, that’s the perfect time to take a group photo. In the next few days, post them to your company’s social media pages or send them in an email to your team along with a message mentioning the outcomes you focused on.

This might seem too simple, but it’s powerful way to keep whatever you and your team learned top of mind and remind them that you’ve all built a memory together. And, if you have any extra wall space, framing a big group photo is a great way to remind everyone of their time spent together.

Ask For Feedback

Wait a week or so after the event so that it’s still fresh in everyone’s mind, yet they’ve had some time to think it over. You can ask via email, but it’s even better if you can ask your team face-to-face during a meeting. What did they enjoy or not enjoy? What did they learn? What could be improved upon for next time? How are they incorporating what they learned into their daily work activities?

Asking for honest opinions can be uncomfortable, but in return you’ll get some deep insight into what your team took away from the event as well as some ideas to make your next event even better. It will also allow an opportunity for your employees to think about how it connects with their daily work activities, and the impact or lack of impact it may be having.

Incorporate Team Building into Your Company Culture

This is a tough, long-term strategy, but it’s the way to make your time spent on a team building event pay off big time. A wise person once said that company culture is determined by what behaviors you reward. So when you see someone exemplifying what you learned during the event, praise them. Be sure to devote time spent as a team as often as you can. The more time you spend together working on one goal, the stronger your team will be.

None of these ideas are meant to be quick fixes. Getting your team to peak performance requires building a company culture that values team building and teamwork. If you can lead by example, reward productive behaviors, and encourage openness, you’ll be well on your way to transforming your team so they can bring your business to new heights.


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