Is your team as effective and productive as you want it to be? That it needs to be?  Unsurprisingly, the reality for most teams is “no.”  Creating consistently high-performing teams is not easy.  There are barriers that keep teams from being successful.  There are gaps that keep them from working on all cylinders.  There are challenges that make it difficult to perform well collectively as a team.

What is derailing your team and how do you fix it?

What is limiting your efforts, your stamina, your motivation?

How do you take a good team and make it great?

Our Team Lab program is designed to address those questions and help put your team on track for greater performance.  Like a laboratory, those that go through our Team Lab program are engaged in an interactive process of experimentation, testing, observing and sharing to arrive at a meaningful result— a stronger, more focused team effort.

Using a consultative and assessment approach, we will help you identify areas for improvement. From there, your team will experience success as it works through customized activities and challenges that mirror the laboratory process of shared discovery, testing and applications of new thinking and doing. All members of the team will be involved in building a more effective and productive team.

The Team Lab program will focus on these areas:

  • Communicating with clarity and developing common language.
  • Removing silos to allow for true collaboration.
  • Becoming more innovative in thinking and doing.
  • Discovering and developing a meaningful team culture.
  • Embracing shared purpose and unified vision.
  • Overcoming groupthink.

Team Lab programs are customized to fit the needs and outcomes of your team. We can also structure the Labs to include Everything DISC®, an assessment that brings about greater understanding and development of teams.