This August Group Dynamix will celebrate fifteen years of connecting people in fun ways, and inspiring individuals to take steps toward reaching their potential. Being part of the growth process of a group during an event is very fulfilling, but rarely do we get to witness the ongoing impact of an event on an individual after the event. Last week we got a glimpse of that impact.

Lindsey Cline came to Group Dynamix about a year ago with her club volleyball team the “Tejas.” Like most teams that come to Group Dynamix, the athletes were challenged as a team and individually. One of the challenges that they experienced was our indoor high ropes challenge course. For many who experience our challenge course, they are immediately exhilarated by the thought of taking a risk, but others are confronted and paralyzed by fears.

Lindsey fell into the latter category. One of the challenges on our ropes course is called the power pole, affectionately known as the pamper pole or challenge pole. Our power pole consists of a 17′ utility pole where participants climb their way to the top of the pole, maintain their balance while standing on top, and then leap for a trapezes bar 8’ in front of them. According to Lindsey, about half of her teammates did the power pole that day, but because of her fear of heights she didn’t do it.

So when Lindsay asked us if we would allow her to come and confront her fear of heights by jumping off the power pole last week, we emphatically said “yes.” When we asked her what her goal was she said, “I’m not so concerned with grabbing the bar; it’s more about the fact that I’m afraid of heights and I’m just trying to get over that.”

With the encouragement of her coach and the presence of a small camera crew consisting of two of her teammates, Lindsey showed up ready to conquer her fear of heights. But what we saw next took it to the next level. After receiving instructions on how to be safe while on the course, Lindsey opted to not only attempt the challenge, but to attempt it blindfolded. So not only would she climb the pole blindfolded, but she would stand on top of the pole and jump off the pole blindfolded. A task most people would not even consider.

After carefully climbing to the top of the pole and standing on top of the pole, Lindsey ask if she could take her blindfold off. This was not out of fear, but almost symbolically so she can look her fear straight in the face and jump. So with minimal hesitation she bent her knees, stretched her arms out and jumped. Goal accomplished!

“One of the pre-requisites for personal development is overcoming fear. It is at the moment that one overcomes fear, especially fear of failure and success, that the doors for personal growth get wide open.” D.More
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Congratulations Lindsey on kicking the door wide open! We wish you further success on kicking open many more.