There are many ways to build bridges, both figuratively and literally.  You may have seen popsicle stick bridges and spaghetti bridges, but have you ever built a bridge out of mousetraps?

How to Set a Trap:

Mousetraps really hurt if you are snapped, but they do not remove fingers or jump up to attach themselves to you. On Victor Traps, if people hold onto the “V” side of the trap, it will not snap fingers on that side. If you don’t know how to set a trap watch this video.

Set a mouse trap video.

Mousetrap Suspension Bridge Game Set Up

Supplies: An 8 ½ “by 11 “piece of paper, 6 Victor mouse traps (make sure you buy mouse traps and not rat traps).
Ideal Group Size: 6


Here is the challenge. Build a mousetrap suspension bridge that spans the gap (the 11 inch side) of a piece of paper (8 ½” by 11”) using 6 set mousetraps. Remember the traps must be already set. The mouse traps must span the paper without anything or anyone holding the bridge up over the paper other than the set of mousetraps themselves.