How to Play:

1. Throw out enough spots for everyone to have one. Tell everyone that by stepping on a spot you are committing to play the whole game. Then tell them the most important rule “no one is ever out.”
2. Both feet must be crossing the plane of an object, (i.e., over the spot not necessarily touching it).
3. Very simple — every time I say “move it” they have to get to a different spot as quickly as they can.
4. The catch — every time you say “move it” you take a few spots off the floor. This turns the game into a competition very quickly where they are racing for the spots.
They will eventually realize that they have to work together and give up some personal space to get everyone’s feet over a spot. Remember “no one is ever out!”
5. The final “move it” should have your whole group huddled around one little spot or sitting with their feet over the spot in a pile.

Processing questions:

1. You could debrief this activity by talking about comfort zones and how it might be difficult or uncomfortable to let other into your life to help.
2. We might need support from others in order to be successful, instead of just alienating ourselves.
3. My favorite with youth – do we reach out to others to bring them into our group? Are we looking for ways to build each other up? Are we ignoring those who are on the “outside?”