6 Brand New Team Building Activities to Kickstart 2017


With 2017 right around the corner, we have exciting plans to bring exciting new events to you in the new year!

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Ours is to bring teams and teens together to learn, grow, and collaborate. The newest team building activities that we’ve designed include collaborations with Region 10 and Sports Garden DFW.

Our goal is to help your team spend more time playing togetherIf you don’t work together, you don’t move together!


Two new activities in partnership with Region 10

{Information about Region 10 + collaboration with them}

Big Data

One of our newest challenges that offers low impact activities and puzzles to get teams to work, communicate and perform together.

As the group works together to solve puzzles, perform team challenges, and work through small obstacles, each performance is scored/timed then recorded on the wall. The average of the teams must meet or beat the minimum score required to move on.

The Climb & Puzzle Quest

This new two-part program is designed to integrate the activities of participants climbing into (and through) high-challenge physical course elements and ground-based cognitive puzzles:


  • Exciting climbing activities, including a series of course elements separated by stationary platforms.


  • Challenging cognitive puzzle activities involve problem-solving challenges, as well as manipulative puzzles.


  • The choices of cognitive puzzle are endless and can be specifically tailored to the age of the participants and number of people in the group (perfect for anyone from teens to businesses!).


In addition to their physical challenges, climbers get to retrieve “puzzle pieces” from containers located at the platforms of the course. These pieces are then dropped to the ground for the “ground crew” puzzlers to use in some of the puzzle challenges. Each team of puzzlers also work on a table full of additional puzzles that are a part of the overall endeavor for points. It is also fair play for climbers to be puzzlers and puzzlers to be climbers.

Part of the overall quest is all about understanding and managing resources – including the participants themselves. The overall objective of The Climb and Puzzle Quest is to encourage collaborative behaviors between team members, and ultimately the entire group.


New outdoor games at Sports Garden DFW

Starting in 2017, Group Dynamix will begin to offer outdoor activities set in a new partner location at Sports Garden DFW (located 15 minutes from us)!

Barefoot Olympix

Much like our Team Olympix, we have new games with an outdoor location for fun in the sun. Feel the sand between your toes as your teams compete in a friendly outdoor contest featuring a series of fun teamwork challenges. A tally of points at the end will decide the Champion!

Treasure Island

A buried treasure chest of gold awaits the winner of this exciting scavenger hunt where clues are earned through fun team challenges in the sun. Each clue leads to portions of a treasure map that, when pieced together, reveals the location of the buried treasure and determines the winning team.


(Name to be changed) Much like our Team Survivor, we have new games with an outdoor location for fun in the sun. It’s survival of the teamwork fittest as shipwrecked crews must collaborate with each other to get off the island that is filled with unexpected dangers and obstacles. It challenge will push the limits of the crew. All games will be obstacles to overcome or puzzles to solve in order to get off the island. It’s all or none in this fun escape adventure.


The Wrap Up

We’re incredibly excited to roll out all of these new games to bring in the new year!

These games will challenge groups of coworkers or teenagers to solve complex tasks (both cognitive and physical) through coordination,  communication, and teamwork

For more advice or game ideas, check out LINK!