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Offsite Programs

Can't come to us? Many of our most exciting toys and tools can be utilized at the location of your choice – your school, your park, your any place. Our most popular offsite programs include:
  • Team Olympix- Set a world record for laughter and fun as your group competes in a friendly team contest where agile and flexible teamwork wins. The better the teamwork, the higher the score.
  • Team Survivor - Test your groups resolve as they work together to triumph over “Survivor-like” obstacles, rivals, and personal limitations without the fear of being voted off your island.
  • BowTag- Experience a unique activity were teams engage in head-to-head tag battles using real bows and modified foam-tipped arrows.
  • And more.
So when you need a fun activity for your next youth event at your place, give us a call and we’ll bring Group Dynamix to you!
Three hours
Four hours
Five hours
Six hours
$27 per person *
$30 per person *
$33 per person *
$36 per person *
$39 per person *

*All programs are subject to a minimum cost which covers up to 15 people except for lock-ins. There is a minimum cost that covers up to 25 people for a lock-in. Offsite events may incur travel costs.

"When you hear kids say, ‘just a little longer,’ then you know the program is special."

Richardson First Baptist Church

"It's awesome to have a place to take our church youth group for some old-fashioned fun of team building games in a safe environment."

Canyon Creek Presbyterianc

"I would HIGHLY recommend Group Dynamix for your next D-Now weekend!!!"

Grace Community Church

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