Performance means different things to different people making performance measurement a difficult task. But one thing is clear: teamwork is essential to any gauge of performance. When a team does not work well together, it directly impacts their performance.

Group Dynamix’ Performance Labs demonstrate team building skills that can overcome obstacles to productivity and help your company develop a plan to improve team performance at work. Drawing on a well-known formula – Events Plus Response Equals Outcome – Group Dynamix Teamologists design activities that guide team members in responding productively to a variety of challenges. Teams are debriefed throughout the program, and their performance evaluation provides the insights and motivation to improve their productivity in the workplace.

What’s involved with a Performance Lab Team Building Event?

  • Fun interactive icebreakers.
  • Team-based challenges.
  • Processing sessions.
  • Half-day and full-day programs available.

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Become more energized and connected.
  • Build unity around team’s purpose and common goals.
  • Enhance communication and increase collaboration.
  • Improve teamwork.
  • Create synergy.