Game Prep:

Instruct everyone to make a fist with their dominate hand. Have them open their fist like they are looking through a periscope. Have them place their open fist over one of their eyes while closing their other eye. To complete the scope of the periscope, they need to place their other arm through their arm with the fist over their eye.


It’s a simple tag game but makes for great comical fun. After everyone understands how to make their periscope, instruct them to use their “scope arm” to try to tag everyone else. If they get tagged, they are out. This game should be really fast paced, but make sure not to allow hits to the head, face or below the belt.

Another way to play:

Turn the game into freeze tag. Designate a select few as periscopes and everyone else as targets. If a targeted player is tagged, they must drop to one knee and freeze. The only way to get back in the game is to have someone leap frog over them.