Mention the word team building in front of some employees, and you may be met with groans and eye rolls. However, corporate team building doesn’t need to be a painful process, and in fact, if done properly, it can actually be a positive, enjoyable and fun experience for all.

What is team building?
Corporate team building is the process of turning individual employees into one supportive, collaborative group or team. This can be a helpful tool for managers and business owners who are left wondering how to be a better company, by wanting to improve relationships between their employees, increase motivation at the workplace and develop more positive and effective means of communication.

However, team building isn’t as simple as it sounds and sometimes a little assistance is needed to come up with exciting and effective corporate team building exercises. This is exactly why companies such as Group dynamix are being created. They not only provide the perfect activity packed facility for groups to meet, but they also provide a trained and knowledgeable group facilitator to help ensure that everything goes as smoothly and successfully as possible. This also ensures that people stay focused and on track to get the most out of the activities.

What happens during team building?
This really depends on the specific location, type of event, and the end result or goal the company is hoping to achieve. For some companies, they might prefer to have a smaller or more informal event such as a meeting held at a restaurant, company picnic, bowling alley, camping trip, or even a weekend retreat to a cabin or beach house, etc.
There are far too many corporate team building exercises to list, and not every group will participate in identical activities or exercises. However, almost every team building event, retreat or meeting begins with some type of ice breaker exercise to get everyone relaxed and comfortable with each other. This can be something as simple as asking the group which two or three items they would take, should they be stranded on a deserted island. Once the group is relaxed and the ice has been broken, it’s much easier to move on to more personal and intimate activities.

Other corporate team building activities often include:
• Discussion topics
• Games
• Physical challenges or obstacle courses
• Group assignment or project
• Conclusion or reflection of the day on how to be a better company

By removing employees from their typical, routine environment and taking them to supportive and exciting places like Group Dynamix for example, it allows people to connect on a more personal level. Employees will hopefully start to see each other in a more human light, versus just a job title or employee number in the company workplace

With so many advantages and benefits, it is easy to see why many companies are adopting team building as a permanent part of their standard training methods.