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Puzzle Quest

Puzzle Quest is a dynamic, interactive team building program that brings to life the aphorism “a rising tide lifts all boats” where all participants benefit as their collective efforts advance their groups performance.  This concept applies to teams and their organizations that must rely on effective communication, cooperation and collaboration to be successful.

The goal is to get teams and their participants to maximize everyone’s abilities and results.

The Puzzle Quest program addresses this by creating inter-and intra-team connections that enable participants to discover the key elements of productive teamwork and how individuals and teams perform better together. To accomplish this, several “puzzle” teams are formed that are challenged to maximize their team scores but with the overriding objective of maximizing the entire group’s overall score.

Using several floor-based and upper ropes course “puzzle” stations, participants are taken on a quest to solve puzzles by gathering pieces through the activities. Part of the overall quest is managing resources including the participants themselves by their sharing of puzzle pieces as well as sharing the solutions among all the teams involved. Even though isolation or competition is never promoted, it is often the default behavior. In most cases, the full understanding of a collaborative effort and its benefits aren’t fully realized until the wrap up when the actual points earned are compared to the potential maximum possible.

Our program focuses on these key elements of teamwork:

  • Recognition and coordination of strengths, roles and responsibilities
  • Openly sharing information
  • Productive communication and collaboration
  • Pursuit of common goals
  • Shared commitment to collective performance

Guided by our skilled facilitators, groups experience teamwork firsthand and make discoveries about themselves and their current teamwork skills and behaviors. Followed by a light debrief, members share their discoveries and explore ways to improve their teamwork.