We’re very excited to offer four new Group Dynamix events at an awesome new outdoor venue, Sports Garden DFW. Our goal is to help your team spend more time playing together, increase camaraderie and teamwork.  It certainly doesn’t hurt to have a full service restaurant, indoor and outdoor bars, as well as catering options available.

New Outdoor Events at Sports Garden DFW:

      • Barefoot Olympix
        All new outdoor games for some fun competition in the sun. Feel the sand between your toes as your teams compete in a friendly contest featuring a series teamwork challenges. A tally of points at the end will decide the Champion.
      • Treasure Island
        A buried treasure chest of gold awaits the winner of this exciting scavenger hunt where clues are earned through fun team challenges in the sun. Each clue leads to portions of a treasure map that, when pieced together, reveals the location of the buried treasure and determines the winning team.
      • Shipwrecked
        It’s survival of the teamwork fittest as shipwrecked crews must collaborate with each other to get off the island that is filled with unexpected dangers and obstacles. All games will be obstacles to overcome or puzzles to solve in order to get off the island. It’s all or none in this fun escape adventure.
      • Life’s A Beach
        Sometimes it’s just fun to chill out with your group and enjoy activities that are social, entertaining and connect people. Add food and drink, and you’ve got a fun mixer using both indoor and outdoor settings.