Get a taste of Group Dynamix up close and personal. Waiving our group requirements, you and a few of your friends can experience our structured play-time every Sunday of each month from 2pm-6pm.

Who can participate?

Anyone age 12 (and in 6th grade) and up.  This program is for those who are part of a small group or if you are looking to have a fun time with just a few of your friends, then Adventure Sundays are perfect for you.  Our facilitators will guide participants through activities throughout the afternoon to help things move smoothly and keep things interesting!

What’s involved in Adventure Sundays?

  • Play on the largest indoor ropes course in Texas.
  • Blacklight Dodgeball.
  • New Bow Tag.
  • Inflatables.
  • Nine-Square-in-the-Air.
  • Climbing Walls.
  • FUN, FUN, and more FUN!

What’s the cost?

$33.00 per person