Survival is the ultimate test of teamwork, and our Survivor event will inspire your group to triumph over obstacles, rivals, and personal limitations. Unlike the television show, which selects the ultimate survivor through a process of elimination, our fun and challenging survival games are designed to make everyone a survivor. In other words, no one gets voted off the island. While playing games like vanquishing a field of snakes, riding out an earthquake, or deflecting a meteorite from hitting the earth, your team or tribe is really working on skills that foster problem-solving, perseverance, and collaboration. When there are multiple tribes involved in an event, the program encourages all of the tribes to work together to get off the island making this a great event for work groups and departments that need to collaborate to succeed.

What’s involved in our Survivor Group Outing?

  • Fun group icebreakers.
  • Fun interactive challenges.
  • Friendly collaboration with multiple groups.

Benefits & Outcomes:

  • Builds camaraderie.
  • Provides high-energy fun.
  • Boosts morale and team spirit.
  • Develops positive relationships.
  • Strengthens teamwork.