Team Building Event or Company Outing: Which is the Best Solution for Your Needs?

It’s happened to all of us: You start your car and begin driving when you hear a sound coming from your vehicle. Maybe it’s grinding, flapping, or a persistent knocking that makes you uneasy. Whatever’s going on, it’s clear your car needs maintenance.

Just like your vehicle, your team needs maintenance, too. When your people experience a few slight miscommunications, a minor conflict, or simply aren’t in sync, you know something has to be done. But would a team building event or company outing best suit your needs?

While there’s no owners manual to running a team, defining and comparing the two options will help you choose what would keep your people moving forward.

What are Team Building Events?

The basis behind a team building event is simple: it’s about improving your team by addressing specific issues. Some of those challenges include:

  • Communication – when members aren’t understanding each other
  • Connection –  new or merged teams have to get to know each other to collaborate well
  • Performance –  when obstacles are hindering productivity and team functioning
  • Innovation – some of the best creative problem solving comes from groups of diverse individuals and needs to be encouraged

While this list isn’t exhaustive, if you can pinpoint an issue like the ones above that’s keeping your team members from doing their best, a team building event could benefit your company. Improved teamwork, unity, and synergy are just a few of the benefits you could expect.

What are Company Outings?

Maybe your team doesn’t have a definable issue that’s getting in the way of goals, but something just seems off. It could be apathy, boredom, or simply a loss of focus. That’s when you need a company outing.

Company outings mainly focus on fun. They’re a way to relax and take a break away from the office over a group activity, like karaoke, kickball, bow tag, or climbing an indoor ropes course.

Even though these types of events are more about play, they still come with their own set of benefits:

  • Increased Connection: Through having fun together, your team will naturally communicate and improve their relationships.
  • Opportunities for Collaboration: People from different departments meet and have time to discuss topics that sometimes lead to great ideas.
  • Reinforced Company Culture: Camaraderie between all levels of employees builds team spirit

Every team needs a chance to relax once in a while, and sometimes that’s all your employees need to come back to their work refreshed and energized.

Companies that are given an occasional tune-up perform at their best. If you have a problem that needs solving, try a team building event. And if your team just needs to regain vision for their work, arrange a company outing. Whichever solution is truly the right one for your situation, they both contribute to the maintenance of your team to keep it the well-oiled, productive machine that it is.

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