Looking for a fun way to measure performance and discover what can make your team stronger?  The Team Challenge program will take your team through a series of “action learning” activities that will test your fundamentals of teamwork.  Each activity is low impact, but high on the fun and energy. The event is designed to encourage team members to share ideas and information to solve problems together, learn the positive behaviors to be successful and set the team on a path for higher performance.

Our program focuses on these key elements of teamwork:

  • Cooperation and consensus building
  • Atmosphere of mutual trust and respect
  • Productive communication and active listening
  • Blending of each other’ strengths
  • Pursuit of common goals
  • Shared commitment to collective performance

Guided by our skilled facilitators, groups will make discoveries about themselves and their current teamwork skills.  Followed by a light (or heavy) debrief, members share their discoveries and explore ways to improve their teamwork.

At Group Dynamix, we believe there is more to teamwork than accomplishing tasks as a team. Our goal is to assist in the development of teams with new approaches to teamwork that produce greater collaboration with exceptional results.