Since 1997 Group Dynamix has been connecting people in fun ways . In working with hundreds of group leaders, teachers, youth pastors, coaches, scout masters and various trainers, many have asked us about where we get our activities, particularly those they could do at their location. So to be helpful, we have created a free resource called Team Building Tips, a.k.a. Teaming Tips. Team Building Tips contains descriptions of group games, activities, ice breakers and team building exercises that group leaders can use with their group. We also offer workshops where you can learn the latest and greatest games and activities that will excite and unite your group. If you are interested in coming to one of our workshops, check out our Games We Play page.

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of the game hanging by a thread is to show teams how to make rope from twine, and then have them make one by hand that can support the team. Not only will they have to trust their new skills at rope making, they will have to trust the rope to hold them. Click here for a description of this activity.   Watch a video explanation by Sam Sikes....

Short Description: If you are looking for a fun relay race or table game, with minimal props, that appears real simple but requires some strategy, then a Domino Race might be the right activity. Equipment Needed: Tables or floor, dominos, paper or tape (optional). Perfect for: Fun tournaments, games nights, rainy day activities etc. Domino Race Instructions: Participants push on the face or back o....

Short Description: Air Pong is Air Hockey with no fancy table, puck or paddle, just a ping pong and breathable air. Your group is going to need to stretch out their lungs because the only way to score and defend is to use your own reserves of hot air.
Equipment Needed: Table, tape, ping-pong ball and a whole lot of breaths. You also might want to have a few cases of Altoids around to hand out before the games begin. Perfect for: Small group meeting, fun tournaments, games nights, etc. Instructions:
  • Form two teams at opposite ends of a table with hands held behinds their backs.
  • Place masking tape across the middle of the table, two small pieces of tape 3” from the main piece of tape on each side and two small pieces on each long side of the table, and a foot from each end of the table.
  • Play rock, paper, scissors to decide which team serves first.
  • Teams use their breath NOT their hands to keep the ball in play.
  • Teams must stay behind the smaller pieces of tape at all times.
  • If the ball falls off between the pieces of tape 3” from the main tape, no points are scored and the ball is placed in the middle of the table.
  • The goal is to try to blow the ball off of the other team’s side of the table.
  • Play until one team reaches 10.
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