GDX Teaming Tip: Muk-Chi-Ba from Group Dynamix on Vimeo

How to Play Muk-Chi-Ba

This unique “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game is played using the feet to form the rock, paper, and scissors. Two players face each other to play. They say Muk-Chi-Ba and jump into the air on “Ba!” If a player lands with his feet together, he has played “Rock”. If he lands with his feet apart, he has played “Paper”. If he lands with one foot in front of the other, he has played “Scissors”. The players can jump as high as possible and wait until the last moment to move their feet into landing position.


When you lose, instead of just being out, you become the cheering committee for whoever has beaten you. If they lose, then you go with that winner and cheer for them. This continues until eventually one person has the whole group cheering for them!