Welcome to Group Dynamix.

We’re excited to have you join us for one of our fun, interactive group outing events.

The following will help you prepare for your event.

What to Bring:

  1. Our events are fun and interactive. For your safety and comfort please wear closed-toed shoes such as tennis or walking shoes and outdoor “recreational” clothing.
  2. We have public shelves in which to hold coats and other personal items. If you have something of value like purses or cell phones, you may wish to leave those in the car.
  3. If you plan to order a meal, you can find a list of food vendors by visiting www.groupdynamix.com/food or by clicking the button below. 
  4. Finally, please bring the final payment for your event – we take checks, cash and credit cards, you can pay online at www.groupdynamix.com/payment or you can click the payment button below. 

Risk Awareness

Please read before your event.

At Group Dynamix, while our goal is to provide an environment of fun, discovery, and excitement, safety is our top priority.

Some activities at Group Dynamix may pose a risk of serious or life threatening injury, which could result from a participant’s own actions, the actions of other participants, situations in which the activity takes place, or unforeseen contingencies. To that end, we have put in place many safeguards to protect our participants, including state-of-the-art equipment, orientation sessions, and rules that must be followed to maximize fun and minimize risk.  Although we pride ourselves on involving everyone in the Group Dynamix experience, we understand that some participants may have conditions that restrict their activities.  Staff members should be informed in advance about any such restrictions.  Participants who are unsure about their ability to fully participate should consult a medical professional before engaging in a Group Dynamix program.

Parking map for our guests.

Please park in the sections with the  Light Blue Overlays .

The entrance is at the south side of the building marked by a star.

Address: 1100 Venture Court Suite 120, Carrollton, TX 75006 (although our address is Venture Court, please note that our side of the building faces Marsh Lane, between Belt Line Road and Arapaho. Please refer to map below)

Lost? Call (972) 416-9646