In recent years, the average time an employee stays with a company has dropped to 3-5 years, leaving employers with the costly problem of regularly hiring and training new employees. A problem that has many corporate companies asking themselves how to be a better company. The answer is simple: utilize strategies like increased work-life balance and corporate team building to increase employee happiness.

1. Professional Development
Actively engaging in your employees’ professional development lets your staff know they are valued members of your team and is an investment in your company’s future. Seek out opportunities to mentor your staff, provide feedback about their performance and help them develop their skills.

2. Encourage Teamwork
Utilize corporate team building exercises like the ones provided by Group Dynamix to encourage your staff to collaborate more effectively. Corporate team building provides your team with the opportunity to explore their strengths and weaknesses and interact outside of the office environment. Group Dynamix offers corporate team building exercises focusing on teamwork and leadership skills.

3. Be Transparent
Transparency and open communication are key to having a happy and effective team. Your staff should feel comfortable coming to you with questions and concerns and should have a clear path of communication to provide feedback about their projects.

4. Foster Independence
Foster independence in your employees by investing time into developing their decision making skills and understanding of the company’s goals. Encouraging your team members to work independently and take on more responsibility will ensure your staff feel valued and engaged with their work.

5. Provide Work-Life Balance
No one likes to receive 20 missed calls from work on their day off. Keeping this to a minimum or nonexistent in your company will increase your employees’ work-life balance and leave them refreshed and ready to tackle projects when they return to work.

6. Be Flexible
The 9-5 work day a thing of the past; employees want a work schedule that works for them. Considering incorporating work from home or telecommuting opportunities into your business model which will allow your employees to skip the commute and be more productive while achieving a better work-life balance.

7. Recognize Hard Work
Everyone wants to be recognized for their hard work, including your employees. Some companies offer tangible rewards like sports tickets or bonuses to their employees for meeting goals but a few words of praise are often enough to make your employees feel appreciated.

8. Encourage Breaks
No one can work for effectively for eight hours straight and recent studies show that this kind of work schedule actually decreases efficiency. Encourage your employees to take short physical and mental breaks from their projects to recover and gain new perspective on their tasks.

9. Give Back
The top employee-rated companies all have one thing in common: they give back to their communities. All philanthropy is good, but by focusing your efforts in the community that you’re based in will make your employees proud to work for you and you’ll positively impacting the communities they live in.

10. Keep Meetings to a Minimum
The corporate world is inundated with meetings, with most employees reporting little or no benefit. Keeping meetings structured and to a minimum will increase your team’s efficiency and increase company morale.

These are just a few of the ways you can learn how to be a better company to work for and keep your employees happy. The key is to make your employees feel valued and integral to your company’s success. After all, your employees are your company’s greatest asset.