The Top 3 Elements that Make a Successful Company Outing in Dallas

Company outings come in many forms, from the well-worn happy hour evening in the Knox/Henderson neighborhood to the afternoon office party. They also come in the form of more dynamic, creative activities, like climbing in a ropes course or playing in a dodgeball tourney. But what makes one Dallas company outing more successful than another? No matter what activity you end up going with, make sure it includes these three elements so that your team to bonds, blows off steam, and of course, has a good time.

1. It’s Customized To Your Culture

When you’re planning a company outing in Dallas, consider your audience. Are your employees the type that enjoy competition and physical activity? Or would they rather use their problem solving skills and think?

You won’t be able to please everyone, but you can please the majority by asking people for their input about what they’d like to do. (Tools like SurveyMonkey can help you put several options in front of people and get anonymous opinions back.) Giving everyone a say and taking your culture into account will generate more enthusiasm than if you simply told your team what they were going to do.

2. It Puts Them in a New Environment

It’s easy to throw a cheese plate in the middle of the break room and call it an office mixer, but Dallas has a vibrant culture that values new experiences. Staying in your daily environment will keep everyone’s mind on the projects they’re stressed about and all the emails they need to answer. So take the group out of the office and into a different location where every team member can truly focus on having Texas-sized fun and seeing a different side to the people they work with every Day. After all, it’s called a company outing for a reason!

3. It Includes an Actual Activity

This is probably the most important element of all. Your company outing should include a defined activity, whether that is a mental challenge that they have to talk their way through or a timed activity that has them cheering on their coworkers. That way the individuals on your team get the benefits of knowing each other in a way that goes beyond the small talk that happens every day around the coffee pot or over a drink at Friday night happy hour. Activities let them learn how other people around them think and see the strengths of their teammates in action, which all help contribute to a more effective, collaborative team.

Unlike team building events, Dallas company outings have the main purpose of getting your team off their usual premises for an entertaining break from work. But done right, they can add real benefits to your business. By keeping these three elements in mind, your company outings will have the extra bonuses of building company culture, increasing collaboration, and forming bonds between your team members–all while having fun!


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