The Top 5 Benefits of Team Building

Team building benefits for your whole office!Shared experiences draw us together and give us stories to tell. Working together with friends or colleagues makes us feel like we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Team building brings people together through those shared experiences. Here, we’ll dive into the five biggest benefits that your team can get from team building exercises.

1. Meet New People

In many office environments, not every employee has a chance to interact with everyone else. If the office is big enough, employees might not even recognize each other! For instance, if the cubicle walls are above eye level, or your monitors create a wall in front of you, then you might have little to no interaction with your coworkers.

Team building can be the solution to these issues.

Office parties or picnics can be fine, but if mingling isn’t your forte, then these activities won’t draw you out of your shell.

Team building solves this problem by bringing people together to complete tasks or accomplish goals. This creates opportunities to not just meet your coworkers, but to get to know them. To become friends. Friends care about each other and work together better. That’s team building at its best.

2. Confidence

Team building increases confidence, not only in yourself, but in others as well.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be scary, but doing so and succeeding can be a huge boost to your confidence. Seeing a co-worker go outside their comfort zone can have the same effect!

Often, employees are reluctant to work together. They feel unsure of the abilities of others (and worry that they may have to carry the group) or they worry about their own abilities (and about being seen as a weak link).

Team building erases these fears. When you see your co-workers overcoming obstacles or when you overcome those obstacles yourself (or, better yet, you overcome them together!), your trust in yourself and your teammates increases.

All this confidence and trust translates to more cooperation back at the office which means more productivity (and more profits!).

3. Team Spirit

Pull through challenges together!Employees who care about each other and who trust each other will, in turn, care more about the company and trust the company more. They begin to see the company as a collection of friends, working together towards a common objective.

Doing a good job is no longer just about the paycheck: it’s about helping each other accomplish a goal. Team building can turn a job into a career, and an office into a home.

Employees begin to see themselves as a part of something bigger. Working for more than themselves, they understand that when one of them succeeds, they all succeed.

4. Role Reversal

Team building also provides an opportunity for employees to step out of their usual roles. In a team building exercise, a manager may become just another member of the team, while a new employee may take on a leadership role!

With team building games, employees are provided with an opportunity to try on new pairs of shoes and see how they fit. Unexpected talents may emerge, or you may get a better appreciation of the difficulty of a fellow employees position or responsibilities.

This perspective leads to less confrontation and more cooperation.

The more appreciation employees have for each other and their roles within the company, the less friction there is in the office!

Teamwork is key for any successful company.

5. Teamwork

Here’s the big one: all of this leads up to your employees working together like a finely tuned machine. All of the previous benefits add up to teamwork.

When your employees care about each other, when they trust themselves and each other, when they believe in the company, and when they understand their role, then they all work together towards a common goal.

People look forward to coming to work each day. They show up early and they stay late. They take the time to help each other. They work together not as a collection of individuals, but as a team.

The benefits of team building far outweigh the costs. The effects of those few hours spent together away from the office continue to be felt back at the office for years to come.

Team building is an investment in the future of your company.